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How do you charge a car battery with jumper cables

How do you charge a car battery with jumper cables

There are different factors your car battery might be drained of its power (actually dead). While it is quite simple to “reanimate” your car battery and bring it back to what it was before you last used your car using the best jump starter. There are also different ways on how to charge a dead car battery utilizing numerous approaches, however here, we will teach you among the most popular and the least expensive technique.

A few of the most typical factors of a dead car battery consist of leaving the car in freezing outdoor temperature levels, a long idle time without beginning your car, leaving tail lights and interior lights on while your car is switched off, and other comparable factors.

On this article, we will teach you how to charge a dead car battery by utilizing jumper cables.

how to jump the car

What you will do to charge a dead battery

It is important to do everything according to plan in order to avoid excesses. First, you need to start the second car. Then, you must turn off both motors and wait about 5 minutes. Then, you need to start the engine of a running car and let it run for more than a minute.

Now it’s your turn to start your own car.

Despite the discharged battery, you need to start the engine. Then both cars must be allowed to pass. After that, they should be left idle at a brisk pace for about 10 minutes.

Switch off the engines of both cars and attention: disconnect the wires in the reverse order as they were connected. So, first, disconnect the black wire from your car and end up with the red wire from the other car. It is very important to maintain a distance between them, they should in no case touch each other or the car while you are taking them off.

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How to remove the jumper cables

I ask you to be as attentive as possible to this moment. You must remove the adapter wires in the reverse order of how you attached them. Again, it is very important to keep the vehicle safe and not harm it. But if you are not sure about the sequence, consider this in more detail.

First, turn off the engines on both vehicles. Disconnect the black wire from the grounding point. Then, disconnect the other end of the black jumper wire from the negative (-) terminal of the good battery. After that, you need to disconnect the red start wire from the positive (+) terminal of a working battery.
Finally, disconnect the other end of the red wire from the positive (+) terminal of the discharged battery.

What to do after when you jump start your car

So, the hardest part is over. However, even at this stage, it is worth following the instructions. If you managed to start the car from an external source – congratulations! After that, the engine will need to be fully recharged again.

There is practically nothing complicated in this matter. Charge the engine while driving normally without stopping or starting the engine. This procedure needs to be done in a little over half an hour. Alternatively, you can also use a portable car charger to recharge the battery. In any case, this option is up to you.

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