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2023 Buyer Guide: Hybrid Table Saw Reviews Under $1,500

Best hybrid table saws

The market of hybrid table saws is developing very fast, and there appear more and more brand names that require thorough examination. That’s actually why I decided to make this review of the best hybrid table saws.

Hybrid table saw reviews

The process of choosing the best hybrid table saw can cause many headaches, so I worked hard to provide you with relevant, detailed reviews of the top hybrid table saws. I have tested several reputable models to define whether they are good bang for the buck. Ensure to read this review until the end to find out what specs to pay attention to while shopping around and whether a high price means top quality.

Hybrid Table SawMotor size, HPBlade size, “Max. ripping capacity (right), “Overall table size, (L x W) “Weight, lbs/kgReview
Shop Fox W1888

best overall

21031-1/240-1/8 x 27450/205Review
Grizzly G0771Z

under $1500

2103140-1/2 x 27370/168Review
Shop Fox W1837

best budget

2103040-1/2 x 27300/136Review

What is a hybrid table saw

The whole concept of “hybrid” implies dealing with a mixture of several standalone mechanisms. In the case of a hybrid table saw, we have a unit that combines the most efficient elements of a cabinet saw (that can cope with heavy load and challenging tasks), and a traditional contractor saw.

As for the styling, a hybrid saw is a replica of a contractor saw put into an enclosed case (typical of cabinet saws). However, the drive belt here acquired a shorter length, which resulted in better power transmission and reduced vibration, given the voltage is 120V. Such a design also adds to more efficient dust collection while a contractor-saw-type motor perfectly copes with the most arduous tasks. Besides, thanks to this motor, you can make cuts that are simply impossible with standard contractor models.

Comparing hybrid saws with cabinet counterparts, I immediately noticed that the former are larger, but you can still move them from one place to another. Thus, hybrid models are well-suited for small workshops where equipment relocation is standard practice. They are great for cuts such as the rabbet and dado joint.

How I tested the hybrid table saws

I know that such equipment is expensive, so buying a saw you want it to meet your expectations and work lag-free for many hours. Thus, to define the best hybrid table saws regarding the accuracy and smoothness of the “cutting”, I made three types of cuts: crosscut, ripping cut, and dado cut.

For the test, I used such blanks:

  • Aspen – 1 ⅝ – 2 ¾ (inch.)
  • Elm – 2 – 3 ⅛ (inch.)

Best Hybrid Table Saw

The best hybrid table saw is the Shop Fox W1888. It makes powerful, precision cuts and it is one of the more affordable hybrid table saws.

Shop Fox W1888 review

Shop Fox W1888

At first glance, I understood that this saw is designed for heavy-duty tasks when cutting quality is of tremendous importance. The W1888 is made of precision-ground cast iron and weighs 45lbs, so hardly can we talk about portability in this case. The overall table size is 40-1/8 x 27 inches. That’s an important factor to keep in mind because experts on the lookout for more maneuverable units should check another model from this lineup, namely the W1837.

A 2 HP motor put inside justifies its premium status, so whether you want to cut hardwood, lumber, or plywood, you can do that with ease. While testing the saw with aspen and elm pieces, I experienced no problems. What surprised me most was a quiet operation and near-zero vibration thanks to a modified Poly-V serpentine belt. Such an upgrade deserves many flattering words.

While doing woodwork, one of the biggest inconveniences is dust pollution, and I was skeptical of how well this machine can cope with it. Fortunately, the manufacturer added an efficient dust collection feature, so the level of dust pollution in my workshop was below average.

Shop Fox W1888 photo

It took me several minutes to install the blade, as the process was very intuitive. The blade here is 10 inches long and can easily cut through hard materials. The ripping capacity is 31-1/2″ right and 11-3/8″ left.

In general, I like how Shop Fox W1888 is designed and how it performs during work. Every element of the construction can stand wear and tear without degrading cutting quality. I believe this is the best hybrid table saw in the market today, considering the price-functioning ratio.

Key specs

Motor size, HP: 2

Blade size, inch: 10

Maximum ripping capacity (right), inch: 31-1/2

Overall table size, (L x W), inch: 40-1/8 x 27

Table type: precision-ground cast iron

Weight, lbs/kg: 450/205


Cast iron construction makes it a durable product

Has special adjustment wheels for more convenient woodwork

Separate port for a riving knife


Requires shifting to 220V

Very cumbersome

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Grizzly G0771Z – best model under $1500

Grizzly G0771Z

Grizzly has made a name in the industry for producing long-lasting table saws, and I expected to see a premium-quality unit. The expectations and reality coincide.

This Grizzly hybrid table saw is made of precision-ground cast iron, so you may not worry it will get damaged after prolonged use. Being lighter than Shop Fox W1888 (the weight is 370 lbs) can interest people who want a portable model. The size of 40-1/2 x27 inches also allows for relocation.

While doing tests, I noticed that my room wasn’t filled with dense dust clouds thanks to a 4″ dust-control system. This may be a decisive point for people who suffer from respiratory diseases and want to keep the working space as clean as possible.

The most notable feature of the G0771Z praised in numerous hybrid table saws reviews is its mighty 2 HP motor. On the one hand, this is a great advantage, meaning you can quickly cut thick materials. But, on the other hand, you need to be very accurate during work to prevent accidents.

Grizzly G0771Z photo

As for the cutting process – nothing to complain about. The blade is 10-inch long, so dealing with thick wood materials is easy. The maximum rip capacity is 31″.

If you are looking for a robust saw that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you can give the G0771Z a try. It is well-made, has a carbide-tipped blade for accurate cutting, and can serve you many years in a row. I believe this is the best hybrid table saw under $1500.

Key specs

Motor size, HP: 2

Blade size, inch: 10

Maximum ripping capacity (right), inch: 31

Overall table size, (L x W), inch: 40-1/2 x 27

Table type: precision-ground cast iron

Weight, lbs/kg: 370/168


Easy to assemble and adjust

Extremely powerful motor rated 2 HP

The blade guard has pawls that eliminate possible kickbacks


Requires frequent greasing

Only one blade in the original package

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Shop Fox W1837 – best budget hybrid table saw

Shop Fox W1837

Do you frequently need to shift between soft and hardwoods? Think that it is obligatory to buy two different saws? Don’t rush to lay out your money, as Shop Fox W1837 can easily cope with different types of wood.

The model has a powerful 2 HP motor that guarantees smooth operation. A 10-inch blade is easy to adjust for a more customized feel. You can alter the miter and bevel till you get the desired angle.

In fact, the W1837 doesn’t lag behind its “closest relative,” the W1888, in terms of cutting. I also like how speedy the saw is. As for the maximum rip capacity, here, it equals 30 inches.

I was stunned when I found out that this product is made of cast iron but weighs only 300 lbs. Such parameters make it ideal for medium-sized workshops. The overall table size is 40-1/4 x 27 inches. Besides, there is a special dust port for efficient dust collection. If you don’t feel like cleaning your space every time you use a saw, then this feature plays a crucial role.

Shop Fox W1837 photo

Some nice upgrades make this model stand out. For instance, the manufacturer added thermal overload protection, so you will have no overheating issues. Besides, there are anti-kickback pawls for a safe workflow.

If you can’t afford to buy high-end table saws but still want to enjoy remarkably accurate cutting, Shop Fox W1837 is a perfect option to invest in. This is a great budget hybrid table saw under $1000 with durable construction and many safety features.

Key specs

Motor size, HP: 2

Blade size, inch: 10

Maximum ripping capacity (right), inch: 30

Overall table size, (L x W), inch: 40-1/4 x 27

Table type: cast iron

Weight, lbs/kg: 300/136


More lightweight than similar items

Anti-kickback pawls and blade guards for safety

Variable voltage options (120/220V)


Is useless if you need to cut wide wood pieces

Confusing assembly

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Jet 725004K– Best hybrid table saw for small shop

Jet 725004K

If you are looking for a lightweight hybrid table saw that is easy to move around, the Jet 725004K is your best bet. The first thing that catches attention is a very small weight (235 lbs) compared with the rest of the units described in the review. This makes it a great hybrid table saw for a small shop.

In addition, the table is made of super-durable cast iron, which makes it a one-time purchase for aspiring enthusiasts and real pros.

The table is 20 inches long and 27 inches wide, while a T-style miter slot provides an extended flat work surface. Besides, this way, you can work with larger wood bars. I also like that there is an integrated dust port, so your workplace will be neat no matter how long you are doing woodwork.

Changing blades is a trouble-free task, thanks to an arbor lock. It takes just several minutes to insert and secure a 10-inch blade. However, the possibilities to play with blade tilt are limited. The maximum ripping capacity is 30 inches, and this is a standard figure for such saws.

Jet Jps-10 photo

Jet 724004K has a 1-3/4 HP motor, and though it doesn’t stay on par with representatives of the Shop Fox series of saws, it can still handle tough projects. Personally, I had no problems during tests.

To my mind, this is a robust hybrid table saw made of high-quality material. It has a space-saving design and can be easily moved from one corner of your workshop to another if needed. All major features are available, so getting a portable model doesn’t mean compromising its capabilities.

Key specs

Motor size, HP: 1-3/4

Blade size, inch: 10

Maximum ripping capacity (right), inch: 30

Overall table size, (L x W), inch: 20 x 27

Table type: cast iron

Weight, lbs/kg: 235/106


The large and solid tabletop

The fence is easy to move and adjust

The motor doesn’t protrude out of the back


It is difficult to install a full-width dado blade because the arbor isn’t too short

Poor dust collection system

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Grizzly G0899

Grizzly G0899

The Grizzly G0899 looks like an advanced contractor saw (450 lbs heavy and with a table size of 40-1/8 x 27 inches). However, the design can be deceptive as it is a genuine hybrid table saw thanks to the range of features typical of a cabinet saw integrated into the cast iron body.

Grizzly decided to supply the unit with a 2 HP motor and a quick-change 10″ blade. There are also anti-kickback pawls and a blade guard, proving the company’s care for their customers. As for duct collection, everything is standard. Anyway, I like that this feature is present. In addition, I noticed that the construction keeps motionless even under heavy load, which is possible thanks to a serpentine belt. The power transfer is also on point.

Grizzly G0899 photo

The saw is fitted with a 2-position fence system, so ripping narrow workpieces is plain sailing. However, that is more delicate work, and not everybody does it regularly. The max rip capacity is 31-1/2.

Grizzly G0899 is a good hybrid saw that can cope with standard work and challenging tasks. However, it is very heavy, which may scare off some buyers. Nevertheless, if you want to have a stationary table saw with a large tabletop, sharp blade, and efficient dust collector, I assume this is an excellent variant.

Key specs

Motor size, HP: 2

Blade size, inch: 10

Maximum ripping capacity (right), inch: 31-1/2

Overall table size, (L x W), inch: 40-1/8 x 27

Table type: precision-ground cast iron

Weight, lbs/kg: 450/205


Designed to last

Extremely easy to assemble

Stays where you set it


Some cuts are inaccurate

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Who are the hybrid table saws designed for?

Table Saw

The way a hybrid table saw can level up your working routine is amazing, but not all people looking for this equipment need it. To my mind, this type of saw is an unjustified expense for those learning the ropes of woodworking or performing cuts from time to time. In this case, a standard table saw with a space-saving design is a sure way to go. If you are searching for saws for a construction site, you’d better skip this option.

Amateurs planning to update their workshops should opt for hybrid table saws as their cutting efficiency can fully cover their needs. Moreover, I recommend using this type of saw as a replacement for an old contractor saw.

I also suggest you check out the best track saw

What I paid attention to when I picked a hybrid table saw

Motor power

This is the first criterion to pay attention to while shopping for a hybrid saw not to regret getting an underpowered model. If you mainly perform DIY home repairs and medium-sized carpentry projects, you can choose a saw with motor power varying from 1.5 HP to 1.75 HP. Those people doing woodwork professionally should opt for more advanced hybrid table saws and perceive 2 HP motor power as the lowest acceptable threshold. However, make sure the outlet voltage is sufficient for such a beast.

Riving knife

The most frequent reason for accidents is kickback, which appears if you use a low-quality or incorrect riving knife. I highly recommend purchasing hybrid table saws with this feature to create a safe working environment and get high cutting accuracy.

The main thing to remember is that the curve of a riving knife and that of a blade of a saw must fully coincide. Besides, no matter how you change the position of the blade, the riving knife must remain intact. High-end models come with a quick-release riving knife, but that is a nice addition rather than a necessity. If you can afford it, get such a saw.

Sturdy construction

When we buy instruments for such intense activities, we definitely want them to last long. That’s why I recommend getting a hybrid table saw with metal parts because plastic analogs can easily get damaged, especially if you use a saw on a regular basis.

To ensure you are going to buy a robust product, prefer that made of cast iron rather than aluminum and steel. Cast iron surpasses analogs with better compression power while staying rather cheap. Another thing to remember is to build an even construction with sturdy legs for such a saw.

Safety features

This seems like an obvious factor, but, unfortunately, novices tend to neglect it. There is a set of standard features you can find in all top-rated hybrid table saws, but some brands offer nice extras. I think the most important elements are:

Safety sensor

This is a wonderful detector that instantly stops the blade when it reaches the skin. This is possible thanks to “feeling” electrical conductivity which is low in the case of the wood and high if we are talking about human skin.

Translucent guards

These elements show where a blade is moving, so you won’t hurt your hands. Besides, they help make more accurate cuts.

I share the experts’ opinion concerning a power button. A good saw has it located in a convenient place and within easy reach so that in case of emergency, you can quickly stop a motor.


The biggest issue with hybrid table saws is that they are cumbersome and heavy, so moving one around maybe a backbreaking task. Moreover, some models are extremely weighty (over 300 pounds), so if maneuverability is your highest priority, sieve them through.

In case you need to shift your working places, then getting a saw with a weight below 250 pounds is a smart thing to do.


Is 2 hp enough for a table saw?

Yes, that’s more than enough. Sawing through a 4×4 takes about 20 seconds of continuous work, which means the saw is doing less than 1 HP during that time. The motor should be able to handle 10 times that without any problem. It’s not just the power of the motor but also its durability and heat build-up you should be concerned with.

What size table saw do I need?

It all depends on how much workspace you have and what types of cuts you will be making. A good rule of thumb is to have a table area around 1 foot longer than the most extended piece you plan to cut.

What’s a good place for a table saw?

You don’t want it too close to the wall, but you also don’t want it to take up too much of your workspace. So you should leave at least 2 feet on each side and either behind or in front of the blade.

What’s the difference between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw?

The cabinet saw is heavier and has more features than the contractor saw. Unfortunately, it also requires 220 volts which can be a problem if you don’t have access.

What is a good RPM for a table saw?

Blade RPM depends on how you intend to use the saw. If you want a quick cut, go with a high RPM, but if you are cutting plywood or more significant pieces, go with something around 3000 – 4000 rpm for better control.

What’s the difference between a rip and a crosscut blade?

The teeth on a rip blade are angled in one direction, making it suitable for ripping wood perpendicular to the grain. The teeth on a crosscut blade are angled in both directions, making it better for cutting boards parallel with the grain.

How do I make my table saw top smooth?

Smoothness depends more on the blade than on the top of the saw. Finely-tuned blades make for a smooth table saw, but even if they are not, it’s still okay, especially when you are ripping.

What do I need to know about safety?

Safety is important! Always be aware of where your hands are and keep a good grip on your saw. Don’t reach too far; make sure everyone is out of the way and always shut the saw off before picking up a piece.

Why does my table saw burn wood?

Burning is mainly caused by blade rotation which sucks the wood towards it. The best way to avoid this problem is to check your blades for nicks and correct alignment before using them.

Why is it hard to push the wood through a table saw?

Hard pushing usually means the teeth on your blade are either dull or positioned incorrectly. Also, the wood may be slipping on the tabletop if it’s not grooved enough.

How do you keep wood from sliding when cutting on a table saw?

Slipping is a problem with the top of your saw. If you have a cast iron table, it’s best to apply some fine sandpaper on its surface and not use oil or anything other than water for lubrication.

Should the table saw fence be parallel to the blade?

No. The fence needs to be perpendicular to the blade and slightly away from it at all times. That way, you get a more accurate cut and don’t risk the tip of your blade crashing into the metal of your saw.