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Сan you use a metal lathe for wood

Сan you use a metal lathe for wood

Looking ahead, I have to say yes, you can. If you already own a metal lathe, feel free to use it and start turning wood on a metal lathe.

In fact, this should not cause any problems, even though the metal lathe is not intended for wood. But before start, don’t forget to put on a face shield for woodworking, because woodworking may be very dangerous process.

If you do not have a single machine, then it is worth thinking well. Buying a lathe for metal is a very costly thing both in time and in money. It is also worth remembering that, unlike a wood lathe, setting up a metal lathe also takes a lot of knowledge and effort. However, using an automatic machine as a metal lathe opens up a huge field for ideas and variability. Different combinations of wooden wares are all open to you. Moreover, you can make changes to your work on the go. The active combination of metal lathe keys allows you to experiment and have many more profiles to work with.

Anyway, I still advise using a wood lathe. No, I am not against experiments, just since it is called “for wood” then this is its direct purpose. Of course, it’s always worth trying, comparing, and evaluating the result. Therefore, this question is purely at the discretion of each individual.

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