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Indoor Extension Cords

Best Indoor Extension Cord

Extension cords give you much more flexibility when it comes to organizing electronics and appliances. This article will explore everything you need to know about indoor extension cords, and I provide a list of the best indoor extension cords.

Best Indoor Extension Cord

The best indoor extension cord is the GE Pro 3-Outlet cord. Other good extension cords are the Amazon basics and the Woods 5601.

GE Pro 3-Outlet – Best indoor extension cord

indoor extension cord power strip

The GE Pro is my favorite indoor extension cord. You can choose between an 8 foot and 15 foot length depending on your needs. You can also choose between a white or gray color to match the style of your room.

There are three outlets on the strip, and each one has three prongs. This extension cord can handle up to 13 amps and 1625 watts, which is more than enough for any electronic in your home. It also has surge protection which helps improve the longevity of your electronics.

Also, the plug that goes into the wall is flat. This allows it to fit into tight spaces, such as behind a couch or bed.

Lastly, this indoor extension cord is very affordable. At the time of this writing it only costs $16 on amazon.

Amazon basics indoor extension cord – Cheapest

The Amazon basics is the cheapest indoor extension cord, so it is a great option if you are on a budget. You can get it for only $8 on amazon.

It is able to handle up to 13 amps and 125 volts, which is more than enough for any of your home appliances, including refrigerators. While there is only one outlet on the power strip, it does have 3 prongs. You can choose between white and black colors.

The only downside about this cord is that there is some writing on it which makes it look a little industrial and might ruin the aesthetic of your room. Also, as a reminder, you shouldn’t use normal extension cords for heavy appliances such as portable air conditioners or space heaters.

There are shorter and longer versions available, ranging from 3 feet to 25 feet. However, if you are looking for a long indoor extension cord, I suggest the one below.

Woods 5601 – Longest indoor extension cord

If you need a long indoor extension cord, the Woods 5601 is your answer. It has a length of 25 feet, and only costs $14. Similar to the other cords on the list, it can handle up to 13 amps and 125 volts.

If you are looking for more heavy duty extension cords, you should check out the best generator extension cords.

This long extension cord is perfect for vacuums and other appliances that require a long extension cord .

The cord has room for 3 prongs, so you can plug in just about any home appliance to it. The only downside of this cord is that it only comes in a black color, so it might not match your interior decor.

Suraielec indoor extension cord

If you need an extension cord for your desk or somewhere where you need a lot of outlets, the Suraielec is your answer. It has 3 outlets and 3 usb cords.

Similar to the GE Pro, the plug that goes into the wall is flat and at a 45 degree angle which allows it to easily fit behind furniture.

This extension cord is 15 feet long and has surge protection which can help protect your electronics. It also has non-slip mats on the bottom which help keep the cord in place. There is also a small LED light that indicates when the cord is plugged in.