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Best Extension Cord for Leaf Blower

Best Extension Cord for Leaf Blower

Electric leaf blowers are very convenient. They don’t require you to continually feel them up with gasoline, and they are much easier to start. Today’s article will tell you everything you need to know in order to get the best extension cord for a leaf blower.

What size extension cord for a leaf blower?

In terms of size, you should make sure the extension cord is at least 50 feet. You should also get an extension cord that is either 14 or 12 gauge.

It is important to understand what the gauge means for an extension cord.

What gauge extension cord for a leaf blower?

As mentioned above, you should get either a 14 gauge or 12-gauge extension cord for your electric leaf blower.

Gauge refers to the amount of amperage that an extension cord can carry. Amperage simply measures the power of the electrical current. Large electronics require a lower gauge extension cord which is able to carry more electrical current.

If you use an extension cord that can’t handle the amperage from the tool, it can overheat the tool and even cause the extension cord to catch on fire.

Below is a chart of extension cord gauges and the amps they can carry.

GaugeAmps that it can carry
161-10 amps
1411-13 amps
1214-15 amps
1016-20 amps

Most electric leaf blowers have motors that carry around 8 to 12 amps. This means that the extension cord should be at least rated as a 14 gauge. The reason I recommend 12-gauge is because longer extension cords need to carry energy current for a longer time and thus require more power.

You should also make sure that you get an extension cord that is approved for outdoors. Most extension cords have a “W” rating to indicate that it can be used outdoors. This means it can withstand more extreme temperatures and is more waterproof.

Best Extension Cord for Leaf Blower

The best extension cord for a leaf blower is the Clear Power 50 ft. extension cord. It can carry up to 15 amps of power and is rated for outdoor use.

Clear Power Extension Cord

The Clear Power is the perfect extension cord for your leaf blower. Along with being both water and weather-proof, the thick coating on the cord prevent it from getting tangled and from getting cut. It can be used in just about all climates, functioning in temperatures as low as -40 F and as high as 140 F.

Additionally, the cord is coated in nickel which prevents the cord and throngs from corroding. I also really like the yellow color, as it makes it very easy to spot.

This cord is great because it can be used for many other power tools such as saws and grinders. You can also use this as a generator extension cord.

Lastly, this cord is very affordable, and at the time of this writing it only costs $50 on amazon. If you want a cheaper alternative, continue reading below.

Cheapest Extension Cord for Leaf Blower

The cheapest extension cord for a leaf blower is the Southwire 50 ft extension cord. You can purchase it on amazon for around $30.

This extension cord is 14 gauge, which means it can carry up to 13 amps, which should be enough for just about any electric leaf blower. This cord is also water and weather proof. The red color is also easy to sport so you don’t have to worry about tripping over it.

The three prongs are reinforced with steel to prevent bending. The only downside with this extension cord is that it might not be able to power heavier power tools. If you have a circular saw, you should check out the best circular saw extension cords.

How to use a leaf blower with an extension cord

Using an extension cord with your leaf blower is very simple. First, make sure that the leaf blower is completely powered off. Next, plug the extension cord into an outlet and lead the other side to where you plan on starting.

Make sure that there are no knots or bends in the extension cord. Finally plug the leaf blower into the extension cord, and then power on the leaf blower.


It is important to choose the right extension cord for your leaf blower. You need to make sure the cord is long enough, and is able to carry the amount of amps that your leaf blower uses. Before you buy an extension cord, make sure you know the amperage of your leaf blower.

Lastly, you should make sure that the extension cord you get is 3 pronged.