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AstroAI Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator Review

Astroai air compressor review

The AstroAI portable air compressor is a powerful unit that is very compact and easy to travel with. This AstroAI portable air compressor review will give a product overview, and cover some of the different ways you can use the product.

AstroAI air compressor review

The Astroai air compressor packs a powerful punch with 160 max psi and has a run time of 20 minutes. Both of these metrics are better than most other air compressors on the market. For this review, I used the AstroAI air compressor to inflate tires, air mattress, and an exercise ball.

I also used the intake function of the air compressor to vacuum seal food. You can see that in the video below.

Product features

My two favorite features of this air compressor are the automatic shut off and LED light. As far as dimensions go, the power cord is 10 feet long, and the air hose is 14 inches long. The weight of the compressor is 5.5 pounds.

Automatic shut off

This compressor has an LCD screen which shows you the air pressure output, and lets you select a desire air pressure for the object you are inflating. Once you select an air pressure value, the compressor will pump the air until the value is reached, and then it will shut off automatically.

This is really convenient feature and allows you to multitask while inflating.

LED light

My other favorite feature is the LED light. This provides a lot of visibility if you are in a dire situation and need to inflate something at night.

Other cool features

Another cool feature on the AstroAI air compressor is the heat dissipation system. It allows the warm air to properly dissipate so the compressor doesn’t overheat. It also doesn’t make too much noise when you use it.

What can you use the AstroAI air compressor for?

The AstroAI portable air compressor can fill up just about anything that holds air. The product comes with multiple nozzle attachments which allows you to pump up a wide range of objects. I used it to inflate tires, a tent, and an exercise ball.

AstroAI air compressor tire inflator

This air compressor filled up my tire in only 4 minutes. I did it at night and the LED light provided great visibility. If you also need a jump starter, you should check out my article on the best jump starter with air compressor.

If you do a lot of off-roading, you should check out the best off-road air compressors.

Air mattress

The compressor is a great option if you are going camping and don’t have electricity. I used the 12V DC option from my car to inflate the inflatable mattress. The cord reached 10 feet from the car and filled the mattress with no problem at all. Nice and compact and good to have on hand in case of emergencies.

Exercise ball

As a personal trainer this air pump works perfectly for filling exercise balls in just under 3 minutes. It is nice to have such versatile attachments. T pressure is really great for this compact unit.

Vacuum seal for food storage

This compressor also has a great intake feature that allows you to suck in air. I used this feature to vacuum seal food. It was really simple. All I did was put some hamburger meat into a zip lock bag, made a small hole, and added a paper towel to act as a filter.

Then I used the intake function and the proper nozzle attachment. It was able to vacuum seal the bag in under 30 seconds.

Downsides of the AstroAI portable air compressor

The biggest downside of this air compressor is that the battery and charger are sold separately. Without the battery, you will need to plug in the compressor to a power source in order to use it.

The battery and charger are a bit pricey, and at the time of this writing they cost $50, which is almost the cost of the compressor itself.