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How to Fix Low Oil Pressure in Generator?

How to Fix Low Oil Pressure in Generator

You might get pretty concerned if you see a low oil pressure warning on your generator. Luckily, this is a fairly common issue and can usually be fixed pretty easily. In today’s article I’ll explain how to fix low oil pressure in a generator, as well as the causes.

How to fix low oil pressure in generator?

The best way to fix low oil pressure in generator is to fill up the oil, replace the oil, get a different type of oil, check pressure relief valve, and replace filters.

There is also a chance your generator needs firmware update. If you are in a desperate situation such as a storm, a 10,000 watt portable generator is a good backup to have.

Fill up the oil

The first thing you should do when you see a low oil pressure warning is to check the oil level in your generator. Low levels of oil will cause the generator to have low oil pressure.

If the oil level is not all the way to the top, you should fill it up to the indicator line.

Replace oil

If you haven’t used the generator in a while, there is a chance that the oil has just gotten too old. This can cause the oil to get thicker, and your generator might not be able to carry the oil through the valve. If this is the case, you will need to replace the oil.

If you have never done this before, I suggest you call your generator’s manufacturer and see if they can walk you through it. If they can’t, you should hire a handyman.

Change oil type

It is important to know that all generators do not use the same type of oil. You should make sure that the oil you use is rated for the power of your generator. You should reference your generators manual to see what type of oil it requires.

Check the pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve measures the oil pressure in your generator. There is a chance that your relief valve is malfunctioning, which is causing the low oil pressure warning.

You should locate the relief valve and make sure it is firmly connected and working properly. If you notice that it is stuck, you will need to replace the relief valve.

Replace filters

You should regularly replace the filters on your generator. An old filter will get clogged with debris which will cause your oil to thicken up. This can cause the low pressure warning.

You should reference your generators manual to see how often you should replace the filters. If its been a while, you should replace the filters with new ones.

Software update

Newer models of generators require regular software updates. Sometimes, if you haven’t updated your generator to the most recent update, it can cause your generator to have a low oil pressure reading.

This is true for a lot of Generac generators. Luckily, you can update the generator by yourself. Call the generator’s manufacturer and have them walk you through how to update it.

Oil leak

If you still haven’t figured out the issue, there is a chance your generator has an oil leak. Some signs of a generator oil leak include:

  • A recent increase in the generator’s sound. This is usually caused by there not being enough oil to lubricate the generator.
  • A burning smell. This is caused by the oil leaking to other parts of the generator and getting burned

If you suspect your generator has an oil leak, you should closely inspect the generator to see if there is any leaking oil. If you notice any, then you should call the manufacturer for guidance. You will likely need a professional to come out and inspect the generator.

Old generator

In some cases, your generator might just be at the end of its life. Some generators, especially lower quality ones, might stop functioning after a couple years. You can learn more in my guide on how long does a generator last.

If this is the case you might just have to buy a new generator. One of the best brands for generators is Generac, so I suggest you check some of their products out.


I hope this article gave you some good ways to fix a low oil pressure on your generator. As you read above, there are a couple quick tricks you can try to solve the problem. If the problem is more serious such as an oil leak, you will likely need to call a professional. In extreme cases, you will need to replace your generator.