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Can you jumpstart a car through the cigarette lighter

Can you jumpstart a car through the cigarette lighter

The very idea that you can use a jump starter and start the car when the battery runs out sounds incredibly smart and convenient. By purchasing this thing, you will save yourself from long attempts to fix something under the hood in the middle of the night on the highway or worse – in winter. Moreover, in this article we will consider the option of a jump start through the cigarette lighter and will forever close the question of whether it is possible to do this or not?

Is it possible to jump-start a car through the cigarette lighter?

I would not like to disappoint all readers, but in fact, starting a car using a regular cigarette lighter is almost impossible, especially if you are trying to use a jump starter for diesel. In order to start a discharged car battery, you will definitely need a huge amount of current. Usually it is taken from a car with a working battery. Another point is that when you start the car with the jump box, an equally huge current flow occurs between the jump box and your car.

If the question “can you jumpstart a car through the cigarette lighter” still has a lot of confusion, then you should do the following. Compare the current that the cigarette lighter gives out and the one that you need. It would be logical to admit that the cigarette lighter would not be trite enough. Moreover, nothing good will happen from such an action. It is also worth considering that the cigarette lighter fuse may blow and you will get a big problem with melting or even fire.

In any case, things are not as bad as you think. The cigarette lighter is still capable of performing its direct function. Thus, you can provide a discharged battery with a weak surface charge, which, hypothetically, could be enough to start the engine.

jump start a car through the cigarette lighter

The main problem with cigarette lighter jump starters

To detect any problem, you always need to inspect the device. It is often enough to take a closer look and compare the wires coming out of it with high quality jumper cables.

Also, before trying to jump start a car battery through a cigarette lighter, check the difference between the positive cable that connects the starter to the battery and the wires that connect to the cigarette lighter.

Consider also the fact that the cigarette lighter circuits usually have fuses of only 10 A, while the starter requires at least 350 A. It is clear that the numbers vary, but here it is clear to everyone that the difference between them is large and not. What good such a trick will not lead to. Therefore, it is better to get a good starter and not try to supply the same amount of current through the starter from the cigarette lighter.

When cigarette lighter jump starters can be useful

When connecting a discharged battery to a regular one, it is obvious that it will charge over time, the main thing is to connect them correctly. This may not be very efficient or super fast, but you can expect some charge to transfer from a good battery to a dead one. In fact, this is what cigarette lighter starters rely on. Unlike the jumper cables you plug in, it may take a while for the cigarette lighter starters to take – when they work at all.

In many ways, jump starters are better and more convenient to use. After all, they are both ultra-portable and not heavy at all. Moreover, they can even fit in your pocket more than a cigarette lighter starter.

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