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Jump Starter For Diesel – The ultimate guide

Best jump starter for diesel

I decided to write the review and find the best jump starter for diesel because I find this type of unit incredibly helpful. But first, let me tell in more detail what a diesel jump starter is.

Diesel jump starters are powerful devices that let you jump start a vehicle instead of using another car. To put it simply, it is a charging device that jump starts the vehicle by giving it current.

Diesel engines require a much higher cranking current than their gas counterparts. Thus, when trying to find the right jump starter for a diesel or gas engine, you should consider the power of the device. The models I have selected have enough power to run almost any diesel car, truck, or semi-trucks.

Best Jump Starter For Diesel

The best jump starter for a diesel car is the Truck PAC ES1224. Batteries in diesel engine cars need a powerful surge to get started, and the Truck PAC offers 3000 peak amps and 750 cranking amps. This should definitely be enough to jump start your diesel engine.

Best Jump Starter For Diesel

Jump Starters For Diesel Comparison Table

Jump starter for dieselPeak Amps 12V/24VCranking Amps 12V/24VReview
Truck PAC ES1224

best overall

3000 / 1500750 / 370Review

most powerful

6,250 / 3,125not supported / not supportedReview

best budget

1700 / not supported425 / not supportedReview

Best Jump Starter For Diesel Reviews

Truck PAC ES1224 – best overall

Truck PAC ES1224

This unit is the best jump starter for diesel. It generates 3000 peak amps through a 12/24V operation and comes with two very strong 60 inch #2 gauge cables. These cables are heavy duty and help provide a clean transfer of power from the device to the diesel car battery.

The ES1224 can be left plugged into a wall outlet to keep it charged up so that it is ready to go when you need it.

The main advantage that I appreciate about this model is its reliability. The point is, the jump starter can be comfortably carried around between different job sites due to its small size.

It also has an Advanced Warning System for unsafe conditions.

If you have no electricity at home or are camping, remember that there is a 12V socket in the unit, and in combination with an automotive spotlight you will have an emergency light. There is also a DC outlet that you can use to power your electronics if you have an inverter.

Truck PAC ES1224 Photo

This jump starter easily lets yo switch from 12V to 24V by simply turning a knob. This device can start a a wide range of diesel vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, and semi-trucks. The jump starter comes with two ES Series batteries, which have a long service life.


  • Bright LED lights show you the condition of charge, and unlike needle, gauges use very little of the battery
  • Comes with Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps
  • It takes up very little space in a trunk and can be locked up with a bicycle cable lock


  • The storage hangers on the sides are not needed

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NOCO GB500 – most powerful diesel jump starter


The next device in my review is the best jump starter for diesel truck in terms of power. The standalone starter-charger NOCO genius GB500 Boost Max is one of the most powerful jump starters on the market. It can start up a dead car battery in a matter of seconds. It can be used for charging semi-trucks, construction equipment, and even farm machinery.

The unit has a more compact size than its counterparts from other manufacturers, with a weight of only 19 pounds. In addition, the device is equipped with protection systems against sparking and incorrect polarity. This device also features power outlets that can quickly and safely charge many types of devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, as well as a compressor, inverter, and flashlight.

NOCO GB500 Photo

This jump starter features a high-power LED flashlight, which has seven modes of operation. The device also includes an alarm and SOS.


  • Comes with a high-discharge lithium technology that provides fully safe operation in any climate
  • You can quickly connect and disconnect to the GB500 with the Boost Max 24-Inch 2/0 AWG cam-lock cable connectors
  • Features two usb charging ports

JNC660 – cheapest jump starter for diesel


The cheapest jump starter for diesel cars is the JNC660. It is a super powerful budget unit that reaches 1700 peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps. The device is able to jump start a diesel car or even heavy-duty machines. The jump starter also and also has a 12V outlet. The outlet includes automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads.

The unit has a built-in voltmeter that shows you the charge of your car’s battery. In other words, while hooked up to the vehicle and the engine is running, the gauge shows how the vehicle’s charging system is doing.

JNC660 Photo


  • Overcharge protection
  • Does not require you to use a separate transformer
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • You can charge several accessories simultaneously using the 12 Volt power supply

Truck PAC ES6000

Truck PAC ES6000

Another good jump starter for diesel is the Truck PAC ES6000. It is a capable and powerful product, with the promise of 3000 peak amperes/800 cranking amperes. But that’s not all. The unit also has some additional features which significantly increase its appeal. I’m talking about the super high quality of the Hot Jaw clamps and extra-long cables.

Moreover, Truck PAC ES6000 has an impact-resistant case, which is a great addition if you plan to use this jump starter at a work site.

Truck PAC ES6000 Photo

This unit can start almost anything: cars, trucks, tractors, and even boats. Such a capability is due to the power of the twin high-performance ES Series batteries.


  • Features ES Series batteries, specifically developed for vehicle starting applications

Buyers Guide

What to look for when choosing a jump starter for diesel?

Power of a jump starter

Another fact that you should pay attention to when buying a jump starter for diesel is the achievable electrical power. Typically, this value can range from 200 to 1000 amperes, but it can be higher for those in the high price range and specific models of high-volume vehicles and special vehicles.

And as you know, trucks, construction equipment, boats, etc. are equipped with high-power diesel engines. Such engines have increased compression, which requires a more powerful starting force. It is precisely for such cases that high-powered jump starters are needed.

In addition, since many jump starters can also act as a charger for smartphones and other electronic devices, it is also helpful to view the battery capacity data. You can often find models with different voltage inputs and outputs for connecting devices with different powers.

Required voltage

Most of the portable jump starters in this review are powered by 12 V, which guarantees flawless operation with most vehicles on the market. On the other hand, some devices have a higher power (24 V) and are suitable for cars with a large engine capacity, such as campers, buses, tractors, trucks, and boats. Therefore, it is helpful to know about these technical details before proceeding with your purchase of the jump starter for diesel, as they determine whether a particular car starter can be used and not another.

Quality and length of jumper сables

Another decisive factor when choosing the jumper lies in the functionality and dimensions of the product. These characteristics are important because they significantly affect the usability and versatility of the device you are looking to purchase.

And this applies strictly to cables. Besides the length, which should be up to 3 feet. Two cables must meet all quality criteria. Namely, this is the cross-section of the cable. First, it must be able to handle the peak power of the starter without getting too hot. The second criterion is a wear resistance. Cables must withstand both cold and hot weather well and not lose their insulating properties. The same goes for flexibility.

Top diesel jump starter

Difference between cranking and peak Amps in portable jump starter for diesel engine

The peak amps are intended to show the jump starter’s performance. Speaking in more detail, the peak amps is the highest current that the device pushes out during an initial burst when starting the engine. Basically, it is an electrical current that makes the engine rotate. Nevertheless, this current fades quite fast.

When it comes to more stable current, it is called cranking current, and it provides a user with a more prolonged engine cranking. In fact, the cranking current is a more precise measure of the real abilities of the jump starter. Usually, the peak current is enough to jump start the engine before the output power goes down.


How to jumpstart a diesel?

In this section of my review, I decided to give you detailed instructions on how to jumpstart a car. First of all, you have to read the manual provided by the manufacturer of your jump-starting unit. Pay attention to whether your vehicle has a positive ground. If yes, the instructions on how to use it will be different. The next step is to make sure that your starter is charged at full or at least a half. In addition, you need to check whether your vehicle’s battery voltage is suitable for the jump starter’s output voltage.

Time to act. At this point, your task is to switch your vehicle off and take the keys out of the ignition. The jump starter should be off as well. Find out which terminal of the battery is positive (can be marked with “P,” “POS,” or “+”) and which is negative (can be marked with “N,” “NEG,” or “-“). You also have to find positive and negative clamps on the starter itself. Here everything is simple: red means positive, black means negative.

After the mentioned steps are completed, connect the jumper cables to the terminals. It is crucial to check if the clamps are solidly fixed. Now you can turn on the jump starter. Some recommend starting the vehicle right away. However, it is much wiser to wait at least half a minute before doing it. Another suggestion is to not crank the engine for too long – no more than 5 seconds. After the vehicle is charged, allow it to idle for 3-5 minutes before driving.

How to jump start a diesel truck with two batteries?

Do you need to jump start your diesel truck with two batteries? It’ll not be complicated if you use my step-by-step instruction for it.

Let’s start. First, you have to put both vehicles in either “park” (automatic transmission) or “neutral” (manual transmission). Don’t forget to switch off the lights and all other accessories in the vehicle. Otherwise, you can harm some mechanisms. Step number two: connect one clamp of the red jumper wires to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Then, hook up the second clamp to the good battery’s positive terminal. You also have to connect one of the black cable’s clamps to the good battery’s negative terminal.

After the listed steps are taken, you need to find a piece of unpainted metal on the vehicle and connect the last black cable’s clamp to it. For example, you can use the alternator bracket for this purpose. Now, you have to start the engine of the truck with the charged battery and leave it running for several minutes. By doing this, you are putting power back into a dead battery. When the engine of the vehicle turns over, you need to gently remove the black cables from both vehicles one by one. Remember that they should not touch metal, each other, or the red cable. In the same way, disconnect the red cables.

When charging is completed, don’t forget to let your revived truck run for a bit, which will help the alternator to put power back into both batteries. Do not shut off the engine for at least 15-20 minutes.

How long can I use my jump starter for diesel before it needs recharging?

Another factor to consider is the time it takes for the device to recharge and its autonomy. Usually, the ordinary jump starter is fully charged in 2-8 hours. On the other hand, the number of possible charges varies from product to product and is indicated on its data sheet. Much depends on how you use it: recharging a car battery consumes more energy than recharging a smartphone or any household appliance.

Is it dangerous to jumpstart a car with a jump starter?

There is, of course, the risk of harming your car if you misuse the jump starter for diesel engine. And the main risk is the wrong polarity.

When using an incorrectly connected, even battery jump box, the car electronics suffers. First of all, the one that is built on microcircuits. Due to the high current strength, it simply burns out. The same happens if a 24 V starter is applied to a car that uses 12 V. Thus, you will cause severe damage to the car’s electrical equipment regardless of polarity. So always, before using the starter, check whether the voltage onboard your car is 12 V or 24 V.

How many Amps is a diesel truck battery?

A diesel truck battery usually has a rating in the range of 2,000 to 5,000 Amps.

How many Amps are needed to jump-start a diesel truck?

A diesel truck normally requires about 1,500 to 3,500 Amps to get started.

What is a good way to get more power out of a battery?

To get the most from your battery, you should keep it fully charged and avoid deeply discharging it.

How many volts should a diesel have?

A diesel should have about 12.6 volts when fully charged. When starting, the voltage will drop and go as low as 10 to 11 volts before rising again after it starts.

What is the best battery for a diesel truck?

The Optima Red Top battery is the best for diesel trucks, but it may be difficult to find one in stock at your local parts store.

Is it safe to use an old car battery on my diesel?

An old car battery can be used on a diesel truck if the terminals match. A car battery can become corroded at terminals that are too small or oversized for the cable connections.

Are diesel engines 24 volts?

Diesel engines can be as low as 12 volts or as high as 36 volts.

Why do diesels need 2 batteries?

Diesels need 2 batteries because they use a 24-volt electrical system. The second battery is needed to help power the various internal components of the truck when the engine is running.

How important are AGM batteries in diesel trucks?

AGM batteries are very good for use in diesel trucks because they can be mounted almost anywhere without concern for leakage or spilling acid.

How do I get my diesel to start in the cold?

To start your diesel in cold weather, you should make sure it is full of clean diesel fuel. You should also check the fluids and drive the truck to warm up the engine before attempting to start it.

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