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How to Change Blade on RYOBI Circular Saw

How to Change Blade on RYOBI Circular Saw

RYOBI is one of the best manufacturers of circular saws. If you just got a new circular saw, this article is for you. I will explain how to change the blade on the RYOBI circular saw in 5 simple steps.

How to Change Blade on RYOBI Circular Saw

To change the blade on the RYOBI circular saw, you must put the shoe down on the lowest level, press down the lock button, and rotate the saw with an allen wrench.

If you prefer a video, you can check out my video below on how to change a circular saw blade.

Step 1: Lower the base plate/shoe

lowering base plate circular saw

The first step is to lower the base plate (also known as the shoe). It is the metal frame on the bottom of the saw that adjusts how deep your circular saw can cut.

You can do this easily by pushing up the lever that I am pointing at in the picture above. Once you pull this lever all the way up, it will loosen the base plate so that you can extend it down. Once the base plate is lowered all the way down, pull the lever back down to lock it back in place.

Step 2: Lock the axle in place

changing blade on circular saw

Behind the saw there is a button that you need to press down. This will lock the axle in place which will allow you to move to step 3.

Step 3: Rotate the saw’s axles

changing blades on circular saw

Next, grab the allen wrench that is located at the back of the saw. Stick it into the middle part of the blade and start rotating it. Most of the time, you will rotate the wrench counter clockwise, but there should be arrows on the blade to tell you for sure.

Step 4: Remove bolts and washers

removing bolts from circular saw blade

After you turn the allen wrench enough times, the screw should come out. After you remove the screw, you should also remove the washer that is attached to the saw blade.

Step 5: Take off the blade

how to change the blade on a ryobi circular saw

Now that the screw and washer are removed, you can easily slide out the blade. Now that the blade is removed, I will explain how to how to add a blade to ryobi circular saw.

How to add blade to Ryobi circular saw

Now you will just perform all of the same steps in the reverse order. For starters, slide the blade back into the saw and make sure the circle is placed on the axle.

how to attach blade to ryobi circular saw

Put on washer and screw

putting blade on circular saw

Now place the washer so that it fits securely on the axle. Once the washer is in place, place the screw into the hole that is in the center of the blade.

Press lock button

changing blade on circular saw

Before you start fastening the blade on, you must press down the lock button that is located in the center of the saw.

Tighten blade

how to change blade on ryobi 7 1/4 circular saw

Once the lock button is pressed down, put an allen wrench into the center of the blade and start to tighten it. The Ryobi circular saw should come with an allen wrench attached in the back.

Most circular saw will require you to rotate the allen wrench in a clockwise direction. Make sure the blade is fastened tightly, but don’t overtighten it because that can cause you to strip the bolt.

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If you follow these simple instructions, you should easily be able to change the blade on your Ryobi table saw. The steps to remove a blade and add a blade are the same but just in the opposite order.

For this example, I used the Ryobi 7 1/4 circular saw, but it should be the same steps for other Ryobi models. Also, these instructions should work for changing the blades of most other brands of circular saw.

If you have a miter saw, you should check out how to change the blade on a miter saw. The process is very similar to a circular saw.