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How To Cut a Hexagon on a Miter Saw

how to cut a hexagon on a miter saw

If you want to cut a hexagon out of wood, a miter saw is a great tool. You can make a hexagon in as little as 4 cuts. This article will walk you through the simple steps of how to cut a hexagon on a miter saw.

How To Cut a Hexagon on a Miter Saw

To cut a hexagon with a miter saw, you need to make four different cuts at 30 degrees. After you make the first cut, you need to measure the side length.

Below I will walk you through each individual step. If you are more of a visual learner, you can watch my video below.

Miter saw angle for hexagon

The miter saw angle for cutting a hexagon is 30 degrees. Therefore, start out by setting the angle to 30 as seen in the picture below.

Miter saw angle for hexagon

You will keep the saw locked on this angle for all 4 of the cuts. Make sure the saw is securely locked in.

Mark the halfway point of the board

cutting hexagon angles on miter saw

Use a tape measurer to find the halfway point of the board. Mark the halfway point with a pencil, as this will be the starting point of your first cut.

First cut

cutting a hexagon with a miter saw

Now turn the miter saw on and make the first cut. You should start at the halfway point that you marked, and continue at a 30 degree angle across the board. You should follow the path of the ret dotted line shown in the picture above.

2nd cut

cutting shapes in wood

Next, flip the board over and make the second cut. The cut should start at the edge you just created, and continue across the board as seen by the laser in the picture above.

Measure length of the side

wooden hexagon cut

A hexagon has 6 sides that are all the same length. Before you perform the next cut, you will need to measure the length of one of the sides you just created. For this example, I will pretend that the side is 5 inches long.

Mark the length of the bottom side

Now you need to mark the length of the side. So for this example, you should put a line at the spot that marks 5 inches.

Make the 3rd cut

cutting wooden hexagon with saw

First, flip the board over so that it looks like the picture above. This cut should extend from the point you just marked on the board, all the way across the board at a 30 degree angle.

Measure for the last cut

You should now mark the edge for the final side of the hexagon. In this example, you should mark it 5 inches from the corner.

Final cut

how to cut a hexagon with a miter saw

This final cut should extend from the point that you just marked to the edge of the board. You should make the cut seen above with the red laser.

If you are interested in notches, check out my article on how to notch wood with a miter saw.

You can also use other types of saws to cut a hexagon. For example, you can use a circular saw. Just make sure you know how deep your circular saw can cut.


I hope this article helped walk you through the steps of cutting a hexagon with a miter saw. The four cuts are pretty simple, and the most important thing is making sure that the miter saw is set to a 30 degree angle and that all of the hexagon sides are the same length.

I will say that these cuts are much easier if you have a miter saw stand, as it keeps the board level and secured.