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Face Shields For Wood turning and lathe work – All you need to know

best face shield for woodworking

Working with wood and particularly wood lathes is a very dangerous process so choosing the right face shield for any task involving wood turning is very important.

One of the biggest safety concerns to consider when wood turning with a lathe is the sawdust and shavings that can often get into the eyes or mouth and cause potential vision and respitory issues.

To prevent this, when working with a wood lathe, the face shield is a must. If you are ready to spend from $300 to $1000 on a lathe for wood, then you can also buy the appropriate full face shield.

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Face Shield for Wood Turning Reviews:

Uvex S8510 – my favorite face shield for wood turning and lathe work

Uvex S8510

Uvex S8510 is a very reliable product on the market. In my opinion, it can be called the best face shield for woodturning due to several key features.

This shield protects not only your face but your chin as well. It also protects the top of the head from falling heavy objects and chemicals. This lathe face shield is made from durable polycarbonate, and this shield will prevent any substance from getting on your head and face. In addition to this, this shield is anti-fog, it provides cool optics and peripheral vision, and also prevents fogging in hot working conditions. This is great for making cuts such as a rabbet and dado joint, which requires precision and focus.

The S8510 is quite comfortable to use because it has foam inserts for a soft fit on the head. It is adjustable to suit the your head and allows the cover to be moved further or closer for maximum convenience. It is also flexible enough for you to use a respirator underneath. If you want a woodworking face shield with a build in respirator then check out this shield from Amazon.

Uvex S8510 Photo


  • Excellent clarity thanks to two inside and outside protective coatings
  • Easily adjustable for different users and is comfortable even with glasses
  • Built-in visor and sweatband


  • Like any shield, it requires regular cleaning so that stains are not visible and to prevent a milky appearance

Lincoln Electric K3750-1

Lincoln Electric K3750-1

The Lincoln Electric K3750-1 is a pleasure to use for me. It is so comfortable and non-intrusive that sometimes you forget that this thing is on your head. And thanks to the highly durable and dense polycarbonate, you can be rest assured you will be protected.

The design is worth noting because the Lincoln Electric K3750-1 is specifically designed to conform to the shape of a person’s face to create maximum comfort. Cushioned front and back headband eliminates pressure points, making the shield 100% fit for the head. Speaking of comfort, the K3750-1 is very versatile as it adjusts to fit any head and adjusts the distance between the lenses.

For its price, this woodturning face shield is a great value and also includes features like anti-fog and scratch systems. The K3750-1 is easy to use in both home projects and industrial applications such as chemicals, wood, and metal.

Lincoln Electric K3750-1 Photo


  • Very versatile and adjustable both for different users and for different applications
  • Prevents physical impact because it repeats the shape of a person’s face and protects from any external negative influences


  • Despite excellent versatility and convenience, this shield is pretty heavy

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