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Halo Bolt Ultimate Jump Starter Review

Halo Bolt Ultimate Jump Starter Review

The Halo bolt ultimate jump starter came out a couple years ago, and still has some buzz around it. This multi-purpose power bank and jump starter has a sleek design and an affordable price. Today’s article will review the Halo bolt ultimate jump starter, and discuss whether or not it is worth it.

Halo bolt ultimate jump starter review

The halo bolt ultimate jump starter offers enough power to get the job done, but it isn’t top of the line. I still think it is worth the money, but there may be better options out there.

Let me explain. I’ll start with the positives and then get into some of the places where I think the Halo bolt is lacking.


The price of the Halo bolt definitely makes it a good option. At the time of this writing it currently costs around $99, which is a bit cheaper than other jump starter power banks. The cheapest place to buy a Halo bolt ultimate jump starter is here on Amazon.

halo jump starter review

Jump starter capability

halo jump starter

Despite it’s slender size, the Halo bolt still packs a pretty big punch. With a surge of 500 amps, it can restart the dead battery in most cars. If your car engine is a V6 or smaller, this jump starter should be able to bring your battery to life.

If you have a V8, you should check out my guide on the best jump starter for a v8.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Halo bolt can restart your car multiple times on the same charge. For this reason, I think it checks the box as a good device to keep in your car to help prevent yourself from getting stranded.

Below is a great video that walks you through how to use the Halo bolt to jump start a care.

The only downside is the charging cables length. They are only 6 inches long. This is fine if your car battery has the positive and negative components right next to each other. However, if the positive and negative ports of your car are not next to each other, you won’t be able to use it.

The device is also advertised as being able to jump start boats and lawnmowers. I personally didn’t use it to jump start a boat, but I read reviews where people did so successfully.

Wall and car charging

charging halo bolt

Another component I like about the Halo bolt is its dual charging capabilities. The device is charged by a DC port, and it comes with a wall adapter and a car charger. Luckily, both accessories come in the box.

This means you can charge it by plugging it into a wall charger, as well as plugging in into a car charger.

The car component comes in handy if you plan on charging devices such as phones or computers, as you can charge the device while your car is running.

LED flash light

The Halo bolt also has a built in LED flash light. This comes in handy if your car battery dies during the night time and you need light for extra visibility.


halo bolt review

I was impressed with the easy functionality of the Halo bolt. It is very straight forward to use and you don’t have to go digging through a user manual to figure out how to turn it on. Each component on the device has an on button that you press to power up that component of the charger.


I do like the slender design of the Halo bolt. While it can’t quite fit inside a pocket, it can easily be stored in one of your car compartments.

Now that I’ve covered the favorable components, it is worth noting a couple characteristics of the Halo that leave more to be desired.

Battery compacity

halo bolt phone charger

I think the biggest issue I have with the Halo bolt is the charging capability for your devices. It is advertised as being able to charge phones to full charge multiple times. I did not find this to be the case. I was able to charge my phone up to 100% 3 times on a single charge.

While this can certainly help you in a pinch, it’s not something you can use repeatedly to charge your devices. Of course, if you are able to charge the Halo bolt with your car, this shouldn’t be a problem.

I will say that it is nice having two usb ports, which allows you to charge two phones at the same time.

AC outlet

While it is nice that the Halo has a built in AC outlet, I wasn’t that impressed with the AC charging capabilities. For example, I was only able to charge up my laptop one time to 100%. Again, this is good if you are in a pinch, but not something you can use if you are going off the grid and don’t have a place to charge the Halo.

While I didn’t test it personally, I did read some reviews where people used it to power appliances such as fans. However, most fans can only run for a couple hours before the Halo bolt runs out of battery.

Inconsistent reviews

I usually don’t mention the reviews on a product, but in this case I think it is worth pointing out the inconsistencies in reviews. While there are plenty of 5-star reviews, there are some one star reviews of people stating that the device either didn’t work, or could barely hold a charge.

I’m not sure if this is a consistent problem, or if a couple people just got defective models. There is a free return policy, so if you do get a defective device you can return it to get your money back.

Halo bolt ultimate jump starter review conclusion

As I mentioned above, the Halo bolt does have a lot of good qualities including jump starting capabilities, dual charging, and multiple power outlets. These are great things to have, and along with the cheap price tag I think it makes the Halo bolt a reasonable purchase.

That being said, there are still some things to be desired. I personally think if your budget allows, you should consider other jump starter power banks that cost around $150-$250.