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How Does a Miter Saw Stand Work?

How Does a Miter Saw Stand Work

A miter saw stand is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your miter saw. Miter saw stands not only help stabilize your saw to make precise cuts, but it also makes it easier to cut long boards. If you have never used one before, you might be wondering how does a miter saw stand work.

How does a miter saw stand work?

A miter saw stand works by bolting the saw onto two parallel steel beams. Once attached to the beams, most stands can be extended to accommodate long boards.

Some miter saw stands have a clamping system that allow you to easily attach and remove the saw by unlocking clamps. Luckily, all miter saw models are compatible with all miter saw stands. If you are looking to buy a miter saw, you should check out my article on the best cheap sliding compound miter saw.

Most miter saw stands have a roller you can use to slide boards toward the saw. Many stands have adjustable bolts that allow you to change the height of the roller. You can also use the roller cover if you want the board to stay in place and not slide. Below is a picture of the knob you need to turn in order to adjust the height of the roller.

The roller cover and also be used as a stop block. This comes in handy when you are cutting the same cuts on multiple boards. It is also great if you need to notch wood with your miter saw.

As mentioned above, one of the best advantages of a miter saw is that it allows you to make cuts on long boards. Most miter saw stands can be extended to accommodate board between 12-16 feet.

Miter saw stands are also used to operate miter saws on uneven grounds. This is made possible by the screw knobs that are located at the bottom of the legs. They allow you to adjust the length of the legs to match any uneven ground. Most legs also have a strong rubber base that prevent the saw from sliding on slippery surfaces.

If you are looking for a good stand, you should check out my article on the best miter saw stand reviews.

Portable miter saw stands

Another advantage of using miter saw stands is that they make it very easy to transport your saw. Most stands have two wheels on one of the ends. Once the legs of the stand are snapped into their horizontal position, you can simply lift the stand up by the handle and walk. It works very similar to a dolly.

portable miter saw

Portable miter saw stands also make it easy to store your saw with the stand. Most stands have a kick out bar that you can extend to help the stand stay vertical. The stand is strong enough to hold the saw while vertical, so you can simply store these two things together.

How to use a miter saw stand?

Below are the steps to use a miter saw stand:

  1. Extend out the legs and lock them into place.
  2. Flip the stand over and make sure all four legs are firmly in the ground
  3. Set the saw on top of the stand, and line the holes on the corner of the saw with the holes on the stand.
  4. Stick a bolt/screw through the hole, and then screw a nut on the bolt to firmly attach the saw to the stand. Most stands require you to bolt the saw in at 4 spots (one at each corner)
  5.  Once the saw is attached, you are ready to go. Keep in mind that most miter saw stands have adjustment knobs that allow you to adjust the length of the stand, the position of the saw, the height of the roller.

Unfortunately, most of the time the user manuals that come with miter saw stands are confusing and useless. I suggest watching a video on youtube if you are still struggling to put your stand together.