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What can cause a generator not to start?

generator do not start

Today, the gasoline generator is in great demand in many industries where backup power is needed. However, like any other technique, generators can fail. One day, the generator not starting, and you will have a question, but how can this happen and what to do in this case? We want to help you figure it out as much as possible to avoid such situations with your devices, and if this has already happened, we will tell you how to do it when the generator won’t start.

The principle of gas generators operation

The principle of operation of the gas generator is the conversion of the internal energy of fuel combustion into electrical energy. We can consider these devices mini-power plants. The components are an internal combustion engine and an electric generator itself. When the shaft rotates with a 4-stroke gasoline engine, it generates the required amount of voltage, which passes through the filters.

Main engine problems

First, the generator must be filled with fuel and oil. If it is not filled up all the way, it can cause a low pressure in your generator.

Also, pay special attention to what fuel your generator is fueled with. If you are not sure that you fill the generator with good fuel, we recommend you replace it by bleeding the fuel supply system.

Remember that storage for too long can cause fuel to lose its properties – gasoline fizzles out.
We also recommend checking all fuel system filters for clogging, the fuel tank for condensation. Besides, it will not be superfluous to inspect the exhaust system, making sure that there are no foreign objects there.

Also, do not forget about checking the carburetor. Sometimes this element of the gas generator fails, so it also needs to be cleaned. We do not recommend doing this yourself since the carburetor is not quite simple in its design. Moreover, pay attention to the throttle. Incorrect throttle lever position can cause some problems. It should be in the “closed” position. The generator will not start when the throttle is open.

Besides, we do not exclude the option of problems with oxygen supply, which may arise because of clogging of the filter with dust or dirt. In this case, you need to remove and clean it, even replace it if necessary.

If this does not help, we recommend using the help of an experienced service engineer, since sometimes the problem can be complicated by a breakdown, for example, the air supply damper mechanism and, in order not to worsen the situation, it is better to bail this problem to specialists.
Check spark plugs. Oil sludge can form on the surface of the sparking-plug in the carbon deposit, and sparking-plugs also tend to lose the required gap. Having unscrewed the candle, measure the gap between sparking-plug electrodes (it should be around 1 mm) and wipe it off from carbon deposits. Try to heat it up. This will speed up the process of starting the engine.

Problem with power supply

Someone may forcibly turn the generator off and therefore does not start. Some gasoline generators have an emergency stop button, usually red, that someone could press. Besides, if the generator is equipped with an automatic turn-on device (ATD), the switch on the panel or the ATD can be in the “OFF” position. So, a check is the position of the buttons and control switches on the generator.
If there is a gasoline generator with an electric starter, then one reason the engine does not start may be a discharged battery because, for a long time, the mini power plant has not worked. You need to check the battery with a tester or load plug. Also, check the tightness of the generator terminals to the battery terminals. And the absence of oxidation on them. If there is oxidation, then it should be completely cleaned off.

Often, the breakdown of a gasoline generator is the result of not attentive and incompetent user behavior. This can also happen as a result of poor quality repairs, maintenance, and possibly even aging of certain parts of the unit.

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