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Is it bad to jump-start a car

Is it bad to jump-start a car

If you are very concerned about the question, does jumpstarting a car damage the battery – here’s the answer! The most important thing in this business is to connect the cables in the correct order. Obviously, it is not worth listing the complete order of actions for all connections.

With a correct and reliable connection, this should not harm the car in any way. Always stay aware of the dangers of jump starting a car in an inappropriate way. With the slightest mistake, you risk overloading the battery or causing irreparable harm in the form of electrical damage. Moreover, a badly damaged battery can cause a fire or even an explosion.

jump start a car

Connect the cables correctly

If you do decide to start the car using an external source such as a portable jump starter, make sure the order is correct. As mentioned, the order is incredibly important in order to keep the battery intact and to avoid electrical damage or complete destruction in the form of a fire or explosion.

First, connect the positive cable to the positive terminals on each vehicle. After that, it is worth connecting the negative cable to the negative terminal of the charged car.

The final step in this chain is to connect the excess negative cable to the unpainted metal frame of the non-working machine. Keep in mind that this should be done as far as possible from the battery of the machine that is not working.

What happens if I cross wires?

Wonder whether can jump starting a car damage yours? It definitely can! Consider that 99% of modern cars rely on multiple computers for comfort and the overall vehicle system.

Crossing the wires of the connecting cable is fraught with great problems. If you connect the positive cable to the negative terminal or vice versa, you can easily provoke a short circuit. No matter how obvious it is, a short circuit in no time will drain your entire car and at the same time guarantee you damage to one or more computers that actively monitor the correct operation of the car.

The trouble is that you may not even be aware of the critical damage until you find it in the pad situation. Most often, this problem is found when trying to turn on the radio or a song, or when using features that require energy, such as lifting windows or cleaning the windshield.

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