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Portable Motorcycle Jump Starters

best motorcycle jump starter

If you’re going on a big tour, it would be wise to take the best motorcycle jump starter with you. This will give you a little peace of mind in case your motorcycle battery dies in the middle of nowhere!

Luckily, getting a drained motorcycle battery running again is not difficult if you have a good jumper. Some jump starters feature a flashlight and power bank, which can be really convent for charging your electronics.

In this review, I’ll explain what features to consider to make the right choice. We’ll also take a look at some of the premium-quality motorcycle battery jumpers available on today’s market.

Best portable motorcycle jump starter

The best portable motorcycle jump starter is the NOCO GB20. It provides more than enough power to jump start a motorcycle and comes with great accessories.

Another good cheap option is the Vekkia motorcycle jump starter.

Semi truck jump starter
Peak Amps (12 V)Battery Type

best overall


best budget


NOCO GB20 – best overall


NOCO’s GB20 is a great jump starter for motorcycles. It can be used on engines that are up to 4 liters, which is definitely enough for a motorcycle. This jump starter is also very safe for first time users. It has a built in safety feature that only sends out power if the cables are connected correctly. The cables themselves are also spark proof.

Aside from its reliable power, I also really like the accessibilities on this jump starter. It comes with a built in LED flashlight, which is really convenient if your motorcycle dies in the middle of the night. It also comes with a USB port that you can charge your electronics with.

NOCO GB20 Photo

Lastly, the NOCO GB20 is great because of its small compact size. It only weighs a little 2 pounds and only 8 inches long.

NOCO GB20 is the overall best portable motorcycle battery jump starter since it embraces all must-have features – power, safety, versatility, and lightweight. The GB20 will jump-start your bike’s dead battery in seconds!

Key specs

Peak Amps (12 V) : 500

Battery Type: Lithium

Gas Engine Rating, l: 4

Diesel Engine Rating, l: Not suitable


More than enough power for a motorcycle battery

Can jump start a motorcycle up to 20 times in one charge

Great accessories and safety features


Doesn’t come with a wall charger

Check price on amazon Check price on walmart

Vekkia – best budget motorcycle jump starter


The Vekkia jump starter is another great jump starter for your motorcycle. At only $50, it is one of the cheapest motorcycle jump starters on the market. It has similar features to the NOCO GB20, including built in safety features, a usb port, and a flashlight.

A cool feature that I like on this jump starter is that the flashlight has three different modes. You can switch between a lighting, flash, and SOS mode.

Another cool feature with the Vekkia is that it is rated at IP66. This means that it can withstand water being poured on it.

Vekkia Photo

This jump starter is also very small and compact, with dimensions of 5.5 inches by 3 inches. It also only weighs 1.4 pounds.

The Vekkia is a great, budget friendly motorcycle jump starter.

Key specs

Peak Amps (12 V) : 600

Battery Type: Lithium

Gas Engine Rating, l: 7

Diesel Engine Rating, l: 5.5


Very compact


Good safety features


Doesn’t include a bag or case

Check price on amazon Check price on walmart

JF.EGWO 2000A – Best motorcycle jump starter with air compressor

If you are looking for a motorcycle jump starter with air compressor, the JF.EGWO is your answer. While most jump starters with air compressors are pretty large, this model is extremely compact and can fit in your motorcycle storage. It has a length of 6.5 inches, a width of 6 inches, and a height of 3 inches.

The air compressor has a psi of 150, which is more than enough for motorcycle tires. You can also use this air compressor to fill up car tires.

The jump starter is also very powerful, and can jump start gasoline cars up to 8 liter engines, and diesel cars up to 6 liters. This jump starter also has a built in flashlight with three different flashing modes.

Lastly, while the other jump starters on this list only offer one usb port, this jump starter has two.

A great motorcycle jump starter with an air compressor

Key specs

Can jump start motorcycles and cars

Gas Engine Rating, l: 8

Diesel Engine Rating, l: 6



2 USB ports


Doesn’t have as many built in safety features

Check price on amazon

How to choose a jump starter for a motorcycle?

I know, it’s tough to decide between different motorcycle jump starters. However, knowing the key features of these devices is an important part of making an informed decision before purchasing one. So, here’s what you should take into account:

How many Amps are needed to start a motorcycle?

The amperage is a measurement of how quickly a charge enters a power source. Typically, the more amps the battery booster features, the higher the charge, and the faster you can get your motorbike running again.

Choose a motorcycle battery jumper with a higher amperage of 400-500 amps to make sure you’ll never get stuck waiting for help from another driver.

What voltage is needed to start a motorcycle?

You should know the voltage rating of the jump starter you want to buy. The voltage should range between 12-volt and 24-volt. This is because most motorcycles are 12-volt, and the 24-volt rating will allow you to charge larger batteries. In addition, you can power devices that have lower voltage requirements with ports on the jump starter unit itself.

Capacity of a jump starter for motorcycle

The higher number of mAh a jump starter has, the higher its capacity. For instance, cheap battery boosters usually have a capacity of around 8000-10000mAh, whereas higher-end models feature up to 20000mAh.

Required inputs and outputs

It’s very convenient when a jump starter has additional ports so that you can charge your gadgets on the go. Even if a jumper features a higher voltage rating, it’s still safe to power your smaller devices.

Before purchasing, think about how many ports you really need since they take up space and make a jumper less compact.


What are the benefits of using a motorcycle starter?

Many people don’t realize that motorcycle engines are much smaller than car engines, which means they can become overheated very easily. This is where motorcycle jump starters come in. A battery will typically stay cool in a car because there’s space for it to dissipate the heat (air). However, a motorcycle’s battery doesn’t have enough room to disperse the heat, so when it starts to get too hot, it might shut off, making the bike stall out. Motorcycle jump starters work by having an alternator jack that attaches directly to your bike and a power inverter inside the starter box that converts DC power from the battery into AC power suitable for a bike’s electrical system.

Need more reasons to buy a motorcycle starter? Here they are:

  • It’s versatile and can work well for a car, truck, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, lawnmower, and more.
  • It’s user-friendly – you won’t need help when using it.
  • It’ll provide peace of mind – you’ll never worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere again.

Can I use a car jump starter on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can jump-start a motorcycle with a car jump starter. However, it’s not a good idea, especially if it has higher voltage – you can end up damaging the bike’s battery or electrical system. However, if your battery booster is designed to work with both 12V and 24V systems, it’s totally safe to use it. Just don’t forget to switch the voltage!

Can I use a car battery to charge my motorcycle battery?

Yes. You can charge your motorcycle battery with a car battery if you have the correct cable. If you don’t, the car battery will send too much power to your motorcycle and may damage it. Anyway, avoid doing it for more than a couple of minutes.

And, undoubtedly, the best way would be to charge your motorcycle battery with a motorcycle-specific jump starter.

Can I jump-start my bike from another motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Jumping a motorcycle battery from another battery is pretty simple. Here’s what you should do:

  • Connect one end of the positive (red) jumper cable clamp to the power pack and the other end to your motorcycle’s positive (usually red) terminal.
  • Connect one side of the negative (black) jumper cable clamp to an unpainted metal surface on your bike, and then connect the other side of this jumper cable clamp onto something else made out of metal that is unpainted.
  • Finally, connect the other end of this jumper cable clamp to your friend’s motorcycle battery in the same way you connected it to yours. Do not let either clamp touch each other or anything else once they are attached because a spark will occur and damage both vehicles’ batteries if this happens.