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Electric Hand Saws

electric hand saw

Electric hand saws are great for many reasons. They offer a combination of both control and flexibility. Best of all, they don’t need to be plugged into an extension cord, so they can be used anywhere. In today’s article, I will cover the best electric hand saw on the market.

The Best Electric Hand Saw

The best electric hand saw is the Black + Decker reciprocating saw. It has a strong, durable blade, at a very reasonable price.

Black + Decker electric saw review

The Black + Decker electric hand saw provides a lot of flexibility, power, and affordability. The only downside is the vibration and average battery life.


The Black + Decker comes with a 5-inch blade. However, you can insert saw blades of up to 12 inches. Installing new saw blade is very easy and does not require any tool.

The saw only weighs 4.5 pounds, so it is very easy to move and carry around. It also has a pivoting shoe which makes it very easy to control. This makes the saw a great choice for people of all carpentry experience levels.


Considering it’s battery powered, this electric hand saw packs a good punch. It carries up to 20 vaults and is able to cut through a variety of materials including wood, thick bushes, pvc pipes, rubber, and thin metal.

The 5-inch blade that comes with the saw can easily cut through 2-3 inches of wood. It will easily be able to cut through thick bushes if you plan to use it to prune bushes or thick branches.

There is a variable speed trigger which allows you to control the speed and power of the saw while you use it. This helps you conserve battery, and makes it more save to use.


This electric hand saw is definitely the best deal on the market. You can purchase it from amazon for around $50. This includes a 5 inch blade and 1.5 mah battery. This is way cheaper than other electric hand saw on the market, and it still provides great quality and durability.

If you plan on doing long jobs, I suggest you buy an upgraded battery that is at least 4 mah. Depending on you plans, you might want to also buy a blade set so you have blades of different lengths.

It also comes with a free, 2-year limited warranty.


The two biggest downsides to this saw are the vibration and battery life. While the vibration isn’t terrible, it does start to bother your hand after you use it for longer than 45 minutes straight. I’m not sure if this is common in all electric hand saws, but I recommend you wear thick work gloves to help alleviate the vibration.

The battery usually works for about an hour or so if you have it at full charge. This is by no means bad, but there are some others on the market that last for a bit longer.

Now above I mentioned that this is a reciprocating saw. For a little background, I have explained what this means below.

What is a reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw simply means a saw that cuts with a push-and-pull motion. This quick, push-and-pull motion along with the sharp saw blade allows the saw to cut through thick material. Reciprocating saws are frequently used for demolition and clearing purposes.

Reciprocating saw vs jigsaw

While similar in function, a reciprocating saw and jigsaw is usually used for different purposes. A reciprocating saw blade usually has some sideways movement, which result in a rougher cut.

On the other hand, jigsaws provide both cleaner and more precise cuts. For this reason, reciprocating saws are used more for demolition purposes. If you want the most precision, you should get a hybrid table saw.

Other electric reciprocating saws

Another solid option for an electric hand saw is the DEWALT XR 20 Vault Electric Hand Saw.

It comes with a 4-position blade clamp, which allows you to adjust the blade at 4 different angles. There is also a variable speed dial which allows you to determine the speed of the saw. This makes it very versatile and useful for a wide range of jobs.

It also features a built in LED light, so it is great if you plan on doing some work in a place with limited lighting.

When equipped with a 12-inch blade, this hand saw can easily cut through thick wood and trees that are up to 10 inches in diameter. It can also easily cut through nails and drywall, which makes it a great option for demolition projects.


One downside about this saw is that it only comes with the saw itself, without blades or a battery. While this is certainly inconvenient, it does give you more flexibility on its accessories. This saw can use any 20-vault max battery. I suggest that you choose a battery that is between 4-6 mah. This will give it enough power and will last for a long time.

While I have not personally used this saw before, I am told that it doesn’t have as much vibration as the Black + Decker saw.

The biggest downside of this saw is the price. At the time of this writing, it costs $200 on amazon. This means that after you buy the batteries and blades, you are paying upwards of $300. However, if you have the money to pay it, I recommend you go for it.

Want something stronger?

If you want a little more power than an electric hand saw, I suggest you check out electric hand-held chain saws. They are more powerful, and are great for cutting down thicker limbs and trees. My favorite hand-held chain saw is the AISHIKEKE 6 Inch Mini Chainsaw.

It is completely electric, and comes with two 1,500 mah batteries. They usually last for 3-5 consecutive minutes, before you have to wait a couple minutes for them to cool off.

You can buy this chainsaw on amazon for around $80. It comes with a pair of work gloves and glasses.