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Power Inverter for a Work Truck

Power Inverter for Truck

Are you tired of getting your truck stuck in the mud because you left your headlights on? Do you want to ensure that your vehicle is always powered up, even when there are power outages or natural disasters? If so then the right power generator may be just what you need!

In this guide, I will provide reviews and recommendations so that you can choose the best power inverter for a truck. I’ll also tell you how to get the most bang for your buck while shopping online. Interested? Then let’s get started!

Name Continuous Power More Power Options AC outlers USB LCD Display Sine wave Review

best overall

3000W/12V 1500W/12V 4 2 yes pure Review

Best Power Inverter for Truck Reviews

The best power inverter for trucks is the Voltworks VS-3000QBR. It provides 3000W of continuous power, and also produce pure sine waves that help protect your electronics.

Below you’ll find a list of the best inverters for trucks available on today’s market. However, before exploring them in detail, it’s necessary to understand the difference between pure sine wave and modified sine wave models – they are 2 main types of inverters.

  • Pure sine inverters are ideal for delicate equipment like medical instruments, new TVs, fridges, and microwaves with AC engines, etc. Such inverters provide consistent, clean, and light energy that allows your electronics to run smoothly. However, these models have one disadvantage: they are more expensive than modified versions.
  • Modified sine inverters produce an AC signal that is pretty similar to a genuine sine wave. Furthermore, they may quickly change polarity from positive to negative, causing interference and damage to devices with sensitive elements. On the other hand, modified sine inverters are more cost-effective and function well with basic tools like chargers, laptops, pumps, motors, etc.

Pure sine wave inverters for truck

VOLTWORKS VS-3000QBR – best overall


VOLTWORKS VS-3000QBR comes with a continuous power supply capacity of 3000W rated power and 6000W peak power through a sine wave mechanism. This mechanism guarantees you have clean and reliable power to run your truck and devices without the risk of damaging your electronics.

The inverter can boast 4 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, and a hardwire terminal, making it super convenient for powering multiple devices on the go. A rare model can give you such flexibility! You’ll also appreciate the 15ft remote controller, which allows you to conveniently on/off your inverter from a distance.

One of my favorite features in this inverter is its advanced protection system. It offers protection from overloading, thermal overload shutdowns, reverse polarity protection and surge current suppression all in one package. In addition, the LCD screen shows the battery status, output, and input voltage.

VOLTWORKS VS-3000QBR is the overall best power inverter for a work truck. This unit is built to last – it’s powerful, highly efficient, and durable. Besides, it includes all must-have accessories to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

Key specs
  • Continuous power: 3000W/12V
  • More power options: 1500W/12V
  • AC outlers: 4
  • USB: 2
  • LCD display:yes
  • Sine wave: pure
  • Reliable brand
  • Powerful, safe, and efficient
  • Perfect for sensitive electronics
  • Includes long remote controller and two pairs of battery cable
  • Smart, quiet cooling fan.
  • Small ground plug.

Giandel PS-3000KAR

Giandel PS-3000KAR

Giandel PS-3000KAR converts DC battery power to AC household energy and is perfect for times when you need a little extra power. It features 3000W constant power and 6000W surge power; its efficiency is 91%. What not to love? But that’s not all!

This inverter comes equipped with plenty of handy features. It has 2 AC outlets and dual 2.4A USB ports with a quick charge capability. The unit also includes AC terminal blocks, which provide safe and consistent current to sensitive devices. The next thing I really love in this model is the remote control with a 15ft cable – it’s long enough to help you conveniently control the unit ON/OFF.

But what makes PS-3000KAR stand out against even the strongest competitors is its Soft Start Tech and Full Safety protections. They’ll help to protect your sensitive electronics from stress due to sudden voltage surges.

The Giandel brand will never disappoint you! If you’re looking for the safest and highly efficient inverter for your truck, take a closer look at Giandel PS-3000QBR.

Key specs
  • Continuous power: 3000W/12V
  • More power options: 2200W/12V, 4000W/12V, 4000W/24V
  • AC outlers: 2
  • USB: 1
  • LCD display:yes
  • Sine wave: pure
  • Durable construction – great for RV, trucks, and boats
  • User-friendly
  • 2 smart cooling fans
  • Includes two black and red 5.0 AWG cables with ring terminals.
  • The digital display may only show output voltage.



GoWISE PS 1004 is a true pure sine wave inverter that generates 3000 watts of continuous power and 6000 watts of surge power. It efficiently transforms 12V DC from the battery to 120V AC. There is enough capacity for protecting things with sensitive compounds.

With this inverter, you’ll receive all the necessary accessories: red and black wires, a remote switch, and ring terminals. The cables included in the set are rather thick and composed of sturdy copper-like material with a nice outside covering.

The PS 1004 has three AC sockets and one USB port. So, you may add as many batteries as you want while maintaining the 120-volt output AC voltage of the inverter.

Finally, this unit has several protection modes, including overload, under-voltage, over-voltage, thermal, and low voltage warning signals. And the LED indicator will show the condition clearly if you get out of the volage.

GoWISE PS 1004 is one of the best power inverters for semi-trucks available on today’s market. Reliable performance, high capacity, intelligent safety technology, and heavy-duty construction make it worthy of your attention!

Key specs
  • Continuous power: 3000W/12V
  • AC outlers: 3
  • USB: 1
  • LCD display: no
  • Sine wave: pure
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Features different protection modes
  • Smart cooling fan
  • RRuns at 60Hz – noiseless.
  • The cables are pretty short.

Modified sine wave inverters for truck

Krieger KR4000 – budget

Krieger KR4000

With 4000 watts of continuous power and 8000 of peak power, Krieger KR4000 is guaranteed to run or charge any of your devices within its wattage range.

It comes with an all-inclusive package: a remote controller with a 20ft cable (long enough, huh?), in-line ANL fuse kit, and 3ft 2 gauge AWG battery cables.

The inverter has dual 3-prong typical North American outlets that provide 120VAC to your tools and gadgets. In addition, two 5VDC, 2.1A USB ports allow you to charge your electronics simultaneously while on the go.

Powering your appliances through this unit is completely safe thanks to safety features such as low-voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, overheat protection, and polarity reverse protection. Moreover, you can watch the status of your generator due to digital display and LED indicators.

Krieger KR4000 is a budget-friendly yet powerful inverter for trucks – it’s capable of running the most demanding loads effectively. Actually, this inverter is an excellent choice if you don’t use it for sensitive electronics.

Key specs
  • Continuous power: 4000W/12V
  • More power options: 1500W/12V, 2000W/12V, 3000W/12V
  • AC outlers: 2
  • USB: 2
  • LCD display:yes
  • Sine wave: modified
  • Powerful and safe
  • Heavy-duty terminals, a separate ground lug
  • Super quiet fans
  • Features fewer AC outlets compared to other similar inverters.

Potek PL-3000

Potek PL-3000

Potek PL-3000 is a power inverter that features 3000 watts of continuous and 6000 watts of surge power. It is a reliable solution for running electronics from your vehicle battery, ideal for those who are always on the go!

Four AC outlets and 2 USB ports make it versatile enough to accommodate various electric conversions such as powering water dispensers, air compressors, or refrigerators.

The inverter offers under-voltage protection along with overvoltage and overheating protection, ensuring safety for equipment utilization. Cooling at 104 degrees Fahrenheit allows faster fan speeds when needed to maintain proper cooling functions – this fan does not run when detached from an electricity source. Finally, a variety of LED lights provide notifications about high-temperature levels and overloads.

Potek PL-3000 is a reliable, heavy-duty inverter for your truck. The high surge capacity allows you to hook up multiple tools at once; besides, there is plenty of versatility and flexibility with 4 AC outlets and two USB ports.

Key specs
  • Continuous power: 3000W/12V
  • More power options: 2000/12V, 5000/12V
  • AC outlers: 4
  • USB: 3
  • LCD display:no
  • Sine wave: modified
  • Powerful, safe, efficient, and versatile
  • Includes four car battery cables
  • Includes Bluetooth receiver.
  • May produce high-pitched sound under loads.

How to choose the right inverter for trucks?

What size power inverter do I need for a truck?

Before shopping around for an inverter, determine your goal and how you’re going to use this device. For instance, if you plan only to charge your phone in your truck occasionally, you may buy a smaller size inverter with a 12-volt adaptor. However, if you want to use it for more demanding tasks, you should pick a more powerful model.

To determine the necessary size of your inverter, follow these steps:

  • Add up the wattage of all devices you’re going to run
  • Add 20-30% of the total wattage
  • The inverter size should be rounded up to the next size, e.g., if your total exceeds 1600 watts, purchase a 2000-watt unit.

Required connections and remote control capability

Consider how many devices you plan to hook up to your inverter. Typically, inverters include USB connectors as well as AC outlets, allowing you to power your laptop and phone simultaneously. The number of ports required is determined by the number of gadgets you have. More ports imply a higher-priced inverter with a larger AC power.

Safety certification

A great power inverter for truck drivers must be certified and meet all industry standards. So, what certifications should you look for?

In the United States, the ELT, UL, and FCC seals all signify that the unit meets all electrical and durability criteria. While these certificates aren’t required by law, having one on your inverter will give you extra protection and peace of mind.


How many batteries do you need for a 3000-watt inverter?

That depends on the type of battery. In general, they should be deep cycle batteries, not a car or marine batteries. In most cases, you will need more than one battery for a 3000-watt inverter. For example, four 100 amp hour Deep Cycle Batteries would be what you are looking for if you need to run your entire house for a week.

How long will a car battery power an inverter?

It depends on the inverter, but it will not last very long at all. Also, note that a large inverter may require a deep cycle battery or even two batteries.

Car batteries are not meant to be discharged below about 50% regularly. They are only designed to provide bursts of high current, followed by the shallow current until they can recharge again. A deep cycle battery, however, is designed to discharge between 20-50% regularly.

What inverter do truckers use?

It depends on the trucker. Some use the simple cigarette lighter inverters, some spend a little more for an inverter that is also a radio and phone charger, and others may go with the biggest one they can find, including air conditioning or even satellite internet.

Will an inverter drain my semi-truck battery?

An inverter will not drain your battery if it is completely disconnected from the truck (meaning there is no power coming in). It will only draw current if it has a load on it like an appliance.

What gauge wire do I need for my inverter?

This depends on how much power you need. For example, a 1000 watt inverter would require about 10-12 gauge wire. An inverter that is twice as powerful would require 20-22 gauge wire, and an inverter that is four times as powerful would require 14-16 gauge wire.

Where do you put an inverter in a truck?

An inverter can be located anywhere in the cab of the truck. Most often, it is placed in a space near where it will be used (the front seat, underneath the bunk, etc.). Many inverters are designed with heat sinks to assist in keeping them cool, so placing them in an area with airflow is essential.

What are the most reliable power inverters for trucks?

This depends on your application. For example, if you are looking for a power inverter that is reliable to run an electric blanket, then the most reliable would be one of the small cigarette lighter style inverters. On the other hand, if you are looking for a power inverter that can support all of your truck appliances at once, then several larger hardwired inverters are very reliable.