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Portable Jump Starters With Inverter Reviews

Jump Starter With Inverter

You’ve set off to find the best jump starter with an inverter because you do not want to get into trouble with a discharged car battery in the worst possible time. But you do not want to limit yourself to one use only. You want to make sure that the jump starter will become an alternative source of energy for other awkward situations.

A jump starter with an inverter converts DC power into AC power, making the charging unit applicable for all kinds of devices. For instance, you can operate computers, kitchen appliances, eclectic lights, or any other tools. Thus, it can become your emergency home backup power.

But jump starters with in-built inverters come in various models, and you might feel overwhelmed with all the offers. I am here to make a choice easier for you by reviewing some of the most popular tools available on the market.

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Best Jump Starter With Inverter Reviews

The best jump starter with inverter is the Schumacher DSR116. It is compatible with both gas and diesel vehicles, and has a high peak amp performance of 2250 amps.

Schumacher DSR116 – best overall

Schumacher DSR116

The Schumacher DSR116 is your go-to solution if you search for a powerful and reliable jump starter.

It is compatible with a wide array of vehicles like gas or diesel engines as well as large commercial trucks. The jump starter offers 2250 peak performance amps. It also features 525 cranking amps and 350 cold cranking amps, which are sufficient to start your car even on a cold day.

Unlike Potek JS88-UL with a 300W inverter, this model features a 400W inverter with a dual 110V AC outlet. This makes it easier to charge several devices in a go. It also comes with a built-in 2.1A USB port for charging phones, tablets, laptops, etc. a 12 volt DC power outlet delivers power to electronic devices in your car. The high output AGM battery is suitable for 12V systems.

Schumacher DSR116 Photo

The Schumacher DSR116 is safe and simple in use. It has a 2A external automatic charger that allows quick charging without overheating. Besides, there is an audio warning that notifies you that you hook up the cables improperly. I especially enjoyed the digital display that gives insights into the charge battery level, voltage, and vehicle’s battery. By the way, I started the car three times on a single charge, and the battery level remained high (around 91%). The device’s charge time is fairly rapid, but I wish there were a plug for running other units.

The Schumacher DSR116 is one of the best jump starters with an inverter since it’s powerful enough to run even a big truck and has the added features that dramatically simplify its use.

Key specs

Peak Amps (12 V) : 2250

Cranking Amps: 525

Сold Cranking Amps: 350

Inverter peak power, W: 400

Battery Type: Lead Acid


2250 amps peak performance, 525 cranking amps, and 350 cold cranking amps

400W inverter with a dual 110V AC outlet for multiple devices

A built-in 2.1A USB port for charging phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

12 volt DC power outlet for car electronic devices.


Lacks plug for charging units.

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Potek JS88-UL – cheapest jump starter with inverter

Potek JS88-UL

If you are keen on road adventures but are not ready to invest in a costly jump starter, this Potek JS88-UL is a great match for you.

It will be a reliable companion when you are out, especially when you take long drives or are planning camping or biking. This high-performance jump starter with inverter delivers 1500 peak and 750 instant amps, so it is suitable for 4-cylinder to 10-cylinder gas vehicles. It takes minimal space in the trunk but will come in handy in a number of emergencies. The built-in 150PSI air compressor and a 300W power inverter ensure you will get the power for a wide range of units even in the most unpredictable situations. The inverter comes with two AC sockets and one USB port to enable running laptops, phones, iPad, household devices, etc.

The Potek JS88-UL overshadows the Schumacher DSR116 with the 200 Lumen LED light, making night-time roadside repairs more convenient. This feature will also be helpful in case of household emergencies.

Potek JS88-UL Photo

The battery stays charged for a long time. The compressor also works well, and it took around 7 mins to pump the tire. Just like all portable compressors, it’s a bit noisy due to vibrations. But the pressure gauge is stable and readable, so it’s not a big deal.

My verdict is that this is the best budget portable jump starter with an inverter as it can cover a wide range of needs like boosting a car, pumping the tire, and charging numerous household appliances at an affordable price.

Key specs

Peak Amps (12 V) : 1500

Inverter peak power, W: 300

Compressor, PSI: 300

Battery Type: Lead Acid


1500 peak and 750 instant amps for vehicles with up to V8 engines

150PSI air compressor for quick tire inflating

300W power inverter with two AC sockets and one USB port

200 Lumen LED light.



If you are deliberate in finding a jump starter that will do much more than just start your car or power your household appliances, then you should add the MICHELIN XR1 to your wishlist.

This device provides 1000 amps peak performance and 300 cranking amps to ensure you can boost the dead battery of your vehicle and hit the road again without issues. It features an in-built power inverter with the 400W surge capability, enabling you to run radio, video console, a small fan or blender, and other units. Thanks to the 260 PSI compressor, you can air up the tire of any vehicle, be it a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, etc. There are also two AC outlets, a USB power port, DC socket, LED light, so you have the right features for any occasion.

Compared to the Potek JS88-UL, the MICHELIN XR1 has more extra features. For instance, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync your phone with the jump starter and play your favorite tracks. It also comes with an AM/FM radio to make your pastime more enjoyable.


This jump starter is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space in the trunk. But I had issues with the compressor hose during my first use. Besides, the gauge display is inconvenient, and there is no way to set the desired air PSI when inflating the tires.

In general, the MICHELIN XR1 would be a reliable companion in your adventures thanks to the powerful battery, compressor, and inverter. It will also make your journey more fun with extra features like Bluetooth and radio.

Key specs

Peak Amps (12 V) : 1000

Cranking Amps: 300

Сold Cranking Amps: 260

Inverter peak power, W: 400

Compressor, PSI: 260

Battery Type: Lead Acid


1000 peak amps and 300 cranking amps

400W inverter with two AC outlets and a USB port

Led light for night emergencies

Bluetooth and radio for fun.


Inconvenient gauge display

No option to set the desired PSI.

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Buying guide

What size of jump starter do I need to jump start my car?

The size of the jump starter should be defined by the power consumption of the devices you would like to run. An average car, for example, would require from 400 to 600 amps, but trucks and other commercial vehicles will need up to 2000 amps. Mind that colder weather, dead batteries, or old cars will need more power, so it would be nice to have at least 10% or even 20% more than your largest load. Figure out more peculiarities of defining the size of the jump starter.

What’s the lifetime of a car battery jump starter?

You should expect that the battery jumper pack with inverter will serve you for around 4 or 7 years on condition of wise use. It means that you should not overload it or expose it to overheating or excessive moisture. Carefully follow the charging cycle and other instructions given by the manufacturer. Disregard the recommendations and deliver poor maintenance, and the unit will last less than 3 or 4 years. Jump to this article if you want to know more factors that impact the jump starter’s lifespan.

What will a jump starter with a 500 watt inverter run?

An inverter with 500W DC-AC power is capable of charging a great array of units. The power capacity is enough to run basic appliances and electronics like:

  • Blender – 400W
  • Computer with a monitor – 400W
  • Jigsaw – 350W
  • Home theater projector – 200W
  • Laptop – 60-90W
  • iPod – 120W
  • Consoles like PS, Xbox – 50-140W
  • VCR – 50W
  • 25” TV – 175W
  • Smartphone charger – 10W
  • Light bulb – 100W
  • Domestic fridge – 100-400